Hotel Dalla Mora


Map with the parks in Venice and Mestre

The closest garages are in Piazzale Roma, and are called garage San Marco and garage Comunale. From Piazzale Roma, our hotel is 10 minutes walk, porters are always available to carry your baggage.

The garage Tronchetto is a little farther away but still in Venice, from here you can take the “People Mover” to Piazzale Roma, and then walk 10 minutes to our hotel.

A little before the “Ponte della Liberta” Bridge which connects Venice to the mainland, there are two parking stations called Green Park (ph: 041 5317315) and Ai Pili (ph: 041 988290) They are economical, open air but well guarded parks with a 24 hour bus service to Piazzale Roma (5 minutes travel time). From there our hotel is 10 minutes walk.

The last parking station we recommend is Garage La Serenissima (ph. 041 938021) located in front of the Mestre Train Station. From there you can take a 10 minute train ride to Venice, once in Venice, follow the instructions “arriving by train” for directions to the Hotel.

Map with the route from the San Marco garage and from the Comunale garage to the hotel dalla mora.

This is the way to our hotel by foot when leaving your car in Piazzale Roma, it is by far the easiest but not the most economical. It is a 10 minute walk to the Hotel.

map with highlighted walking path from the Tronchetto garage to the hotel hotel dalla mora. It is provided the use of the train people mover

This is the way to the hotel from the parking station in Tronchetto, take the “People Mover” monorail to Piazzale Roma, click here for information and timetable.

in this map we are shown the two parking lot before the trans-lagoon bridge to Venice, the green park and pili park. Also highlighted is the bus stop to venice.

Here is where you can find the two parking stations located before the bridge to Venice. They are economic, open air but well guarded parks. The bus stop is very close by and a 24 hour bus service will take you to Piazzale Roma in 5 minutes.

This is the map that shows where is located the garage La Serenissima Mestre. The train station is also marked to reach Venice by train.

This is “La Serenissima Garage” parking station in Mestre, located infront of the railway station. It offers undercover parking at a more economical price than the Piazzale Roma parking stations. Venice is a 10 minute train ride away.

hotel dalla mora Venice map.

Map of Venice with the location of Hotel Dalla Mora. Click here to enlarge map.

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